All “Write”! Cool Blog Things That Help My Readers

Posted: October 20, 2011 in life
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Whenever I search and read other people’s blogs, I am always interested in what they have on their page. These were 3 ideas I retrieved from one site this time, but others have contributed in the past as well. Some of the additions I found while surfing were the Live Feed, where I get to see the city and state or country where someone visited form during the day…Too cool!

I also added these things:

(You can click on them and that will take you to these sites)

This has only been on my page for one day! Look at the visitors and flags of their countries. Wow!

Thanks so much for visiting:-)

This site allows you to copy your links into their site and check for plagiarism. It is a way to keep people honest I suppose, but from what I’ve researched, people do not typically steal work. They sure the heck aren’t going to steal mine! HAHA! It’s still cool. I’m weird like that.

This has to be the most awesome feature of all! See that flags up above? They can all read my blog in any language they choose! How reader friendly is that??? Well, I had to share and hope you all find this useful. As for my readers – Thank you so much! You are awesome! You make me feel special:-) I just hope I deliver the same for you!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I retrieved these from It is a very helpful site for bloggers:-)

Was this helpful to you?

Have a sci-fi day everyone! TLH


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