Blank Page “Write”?

Posted: October 18, 2011 in life
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It’s cool to look at. I stared at it for a good while. It’s a good way to think about…well, whatever I guess. I am actually sitting next to my crazy husband and he laughed at me. He said “why are you staring at a blank page?” BINGO! Yeah so just go with it okay? I love writing. That is what I do, that is what helps me relax, and it saves my husband from hearing me blabber about nothing for hours…lol!

Writing is an interesting beast. She waits in our head and explodes when we least expect it. If we are without writing tools, we may lose it and forget it at a later time. I typically write when my husband is at work but today I spent a wonderful afternoon with him. We travelled down to Atlanta to pick up some garage doors. We love our “road time”. The conversation is anything but boring, as usual. Of course we have to stop half a dozen times because I have the bladder of a child. HA! So today I get to write in the evening to spill all of my joy onto this computer.

I did have to make a quick stop at the local grocery store. I tend to strike up a conversation with the cashier when checking out and today was no different. We were all laughing before it was all said and done. The conversation was about men, bacon, Home Depot, belts, wallets and what to get a man for his birthday. Somewhere in there it was brought up how many alcoholic drinks have bacon in them now… EWE!!!!! I mentioned chocolate bacon and things just got interesting form there. So yeah…never a dull moment. People really must think I’m crazy..but hey, they laughed and that’s awesome!

Now I sit and stare at a full page of words. I am content:-) Have a wonderfully awesome sci-fi evening folks! TLH

  1. helensaysno says:

    Great post!

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