Where Do You “Write”? On Paper or On the Computer

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Writing
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I prefer the computer personally. I spend hours a day on my laptop but when it comes to doing accounting homework I prefer to write it out on paper, then enter it into the computer. Call me strange but that’s just me:-p I guess I feel that I get more studying done by repeating the process of homework problems. However, the thought of rewriting some of my stories would be insane!


“The keys on your keyboard are the controls to your bulldozer. Take the keys and drive until you are finished. Everything else will kindly move out of your way or be forced to become a part of your path to success.”


“Dozer” Have a sci-fi day everyone! TLH

  1. Good question! Definitely computer first for me. I can’t imagine copying it all into the computer after I’ve written it. I used to think that writing by hand was the only “real” way.. but that idea has completely gone out the window. 🙂

  2. dollm says:

    omg had this exact dilemma today…

    For an essay or report I usually write out a plan or outline in pen, then I write It out in that structure with lots of scribbles out, arrows for rearranging etc I basically form what i want to say. Then I just type it all out on auto pilot.

    my dilemma today was whether to type or write out my homework assignment to answer two questions, I started handwriting the first answer as I wanted to draw my own diagrams but the main reason was that once its marked want to be able to use it as revision notes. Typed text just does not work for me as revision notes as well as my own handwriting (I can visualize my handwriting in the exam). but when I got to the second question I realized that it was more of a short essay answer and decided to type it straight onto my PC (from written annotations on my lecture notes of course) so in the end I had question 1 Handwritten and question 2 typed. I couldn’t decide ahhhh. In the end I went with writing out question two (again) by hand as it will be better for me for revision purposes.

    go straight to typing for my blog though 🙂 … and this quite lengthy comment lool

    • HAHAHA! I feel your pain. I do. The homework visuals from your handwriting is interesting too. I guess I never really thought about it. That could be why I do so much better when I write my homework out. I just know that my brain does not retain things like some. Have a great day! …and thanks for your reply. I love hearing other peoples side of the story.

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