Do the “Write” Thing….Ethically Speaking

Posted: October 7, 2011 in funny, Inspiration, life, Writing
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I don’t know how many times I’ve watched people fall into the same old routine. You know? The one that everybody thinks is “right for society”. I am NOT one of them. I fall into the “I do what I want” category. Stubborn? Yes. Happy with my choices? Yes. Can you say that about yourself? There seems to be an order that is followed in society to be “in” with the rest of the crowd. I see neighbors fighting back and forth over who has the best lawn ornaments or people acting all serious because humor is “immature”. What about the type of car we drive or the clothes we wear? If you think about it….who is in charge of these decisions anyway? I know I sure do not want someone picking out my outfit for the day or deciding what my attitude should be at any given moment. I know what is morally correct and I know right from wrong so I make my own decisions based on that. The decisions that make ME happy. That means I am going to continue to be my goofy self….even as a professional writer and accountant. No I am not going to go to work in a clown suit but it sure would make the accounting world a lot more interesting wouldn’t it? HA! I also choose to laugh over watching the news and all the sad stuff. I get too mushy as it is. I am just filling the “fun” category. I will leave the rest to those who can endure such painful information.

 I also enjoy being inspired. This is one of my favorites that I pass on to others as I see fit. It is a great read for anyone struggling with ANYTHING. It is presented in such a way that anyone can get a grasp on what is being said. My favorite part is the explanation of power and choice. He explains how we have the power to choose: Choose happiness, not sadness. Choose to give, not take. Choose to laugh, not cry….and so on. It also describes how wonderful the human body is, which most of us take for granted. I like the way it is described in the book. It cheered me up and that’s what counts. I hope you find your “Write” Thing….and find your happiness:-) 


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