The SFWA Offers the “Write” Warnings and Scams for All Writers

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Writing

I received some good information on my Google + account and felt the need to share. We all want our stuff published and not have to pay a dime for doing it right? Well, with that frame of mind we can get into trouble with some of the different scams out there. Be careful and always double and triple check your sources. The internet is full of both good and bad people. If it is something you want, you will find it…but it may not be exactly what you bargained for.

“The keys on your keyboard are the controls to your bulldozer. Take the keys and drive until you are finished. Everything else will kindly move out of your way or be forced to become a part of your path to success.” Tammy Holloway




Have a sci-fi day everyone! TLH


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