Held Captive – Science Fiction or Real Life?

Posted: September 22, 2011 in life, personal, science fiction, short stories, Writing
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I am afraid to say it is very real. Each of us has a story to tell. Many of them are exciting and adventurous. I know I could go on and on about the adventures in my life but this is not the time. I have had an emotional spot in my heart for many, many years now. It is one that is kept within the confines of the family with wishes of leaving it behind and appreciating what came out of it. Unfortunately, I carry it with me. I carry it with a very real and very traumatic story to tell. As a writer, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The story in short goes something like this:

A very close family member was held captive for almost 8 years in a basement. The picture above is only a metaphor, as she was not “chained” up so to speak, but she was locked in a basement, tortured, manipulated and had her child taken away from her and raised by another woman. She wasn’t given the proper nutrition and resorted to eating cat food. The mal-nourishment took over and she began to deteriorate. Her body was shutting down. She no longer had bowel movements. The manipulation she endured caused her to believe great lies about how she was supposed to live. Her mind allowed her to believe many ridiculous things that many of us couldn’t even imagine. Her weight was 80 lbs when she was carried out by the police. She could no longer walk. They had to cover her eyes because the sunlight hurt, having no exposure to it for that long. The scars of cigarette burns on her face still make me tear up. Today she is alive and well but her body is deformed. She stays in a wheel chair and I see her slipping away slowly as nurses work around the clock to help her with almost everything now. The mal-nourishment isn’t through with her yet, oh no. It has to continue to take her bit my bit. Her eyesight is the latest thing to be going. She said she can see green. I act as if it is not a big deal but know it is, once again, the result of the trauma. She doesn’t swallow the same anymore. All those years of having to eat garbage and cat food and now, without complaint, she still can’t have what she wants. She is sweet but cautious. She has a hard time trusting people (Duh) and suffers from anxiety because of it. One of her caretakers has informally adopted her as her own sister, which is commendable for sure.

Okay, let me stop there before I get myself into trouble. Needless to say, I have a story to tell. My question to all of you is – What do you think about a science fiction version of it? I can get away with letting the story out “so to speak” and I can add a great deal of twists and turns and creepiness. (Like it needs it huh?). It is definitely a story all by itself but to save my family from grief (since the captors are still out there, running free) I thought I could at least get out a sci-fi version?

Once upon a time, there was a woman who did want to write a book about it but the family told her no. I wish I knew her name. Also, the captors went on a talk show to try and “clear” their name to the whole fiasco. Needless to say it was a joke. The audience wasn’t falling for it and the courts ordered them to stop being public about it.

I think I’ve said enough for today……Just do me a favor and make this day be filled with thankfulness ((((HUGS TO ALL))))  TLH


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