On the “Write” Track – Thank You WordPress!

Posted: September 4, 2011 in life
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 I don’t know how I got here or why, but I sure am thankful for things that come my way no matter how big or small. Of course, I will continue as I have since others seem to be benefiting from my blogs but I will also continue to enhance these posts as I learn more and more about writing. I seem to be writing more short stories also. They will be shared in due time. For now I have to save most of them for writing contests to build my writer’s platform:-) What are you thankful for?


“The keys on your keyboard are the controls to your bulldozer. Take the keys and drive until you are finished. Everything else will kindly move out of your way or be forced to become a part of your path to success.” Tammy Holloway


Have a sci fi day everyone! TLH


By all means...write:

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