All “Write”y then!

Posted: August 30, 2011 in life
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Alllllllrighty then!

Nathan and I are big fans of comedy so from time to time, we blurt out lines from some of our favorite movies. I love to see the reaction on people’s faces when they just don’t get us. Being students, working, writing, and playing video games, we tent to stay to ourselves. Getting friends means getting involved and frankly, we don’t have the time.

I am getting organized and back on schedule with the new session of school that just started. Homework is done for the day and I have a little time to write. I think I am going to enter the Ghost Story contest. I have a story in mind already so I will give it a try. My very first contest entry I did back in February went well so I will give this one some effort. I was only thinking it would be a long shot to win and just wrote up some raw material in less than 30 minutes and submitted it. Low and behold, it is now published on Amazon!

My novel is and will continue to be in the works but as long as I have stories in my head, I need to write out summaries for the future. It helps me continue to build my “platform” as I learned in a writing seminar I went to a while back. Joining a writing association was a good idea. I first contacted my college English professor to inquire where I might find some help. He gave me some contacts, one thing lead to another and I have been learning new things, meeting new authors and writing my heart out. I notice that I improve as I write.

Stephen King and Dean Koontz are the direction of my twisted mind as well. The things I imagine scare me but they make for good characters in my novel and writings. If I write at night when my husband is asleep, I find myself scared and wanting to run to bed and covering myself so the scary monsters I write about don’t get me:-) Yes I am an adult, but I still have my inner weaknesses. Plus, it is entertaining for my husband.

Well, enough about real life and back to writing fiction!

Have a sci fi day everyone! TLH


By all means...write:

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