I Found Mr. “Write”!!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in life, personal, Writing
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Flip-Flop Repair Shop

Being a writer is one thing, but what about our lives behind the scenes? There is never a dull moment around here. Yesterday is a perfect example of this. My husband has been limping around on a pair of half-broken flip-flops for well over a month now. Well, they finally broke last night. He decided he would “mend” them instead of spending $1.00 for a new pair. He runs to his workshop, grabs the gorilla glue (expensive glue) and proceeds to squirt glue into the holes of each flip-flop. The never-ending flow of glue finally came to a stop and the result wasn’t pretty at all. However, he said; “It worked!”…Problem solved. So he managed to get good use out of a pair of flip-flops that lasted all summer long….A few more weeks and we will be packing them away. I better not throw them away or he will never forgive me;-) Ya gotta love a man who hangs on to torn and tattered things. He is definitely my Mr. Right!


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