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Posted: August 24, 2011 in life
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As I surf this giant world we call the internet, I find myself learning new and exciting things everyday. Today I learned about WordPress and am posting my very first blog in it. I have had my own blogs fo quite some time but was impressed by the look and feel of Word Press. We shall see where this path leads!

Who am I? I am just an ordinary person in this rush rush world. If I find something of interest, I pursue it like a cattle dog herding sheep. Once the sheep enter the gate, I begin to search for something new. (Yes, we have border collies..hense the conversation of cattle dogs. No, we do not own sheep.) Anyway, my newest venture is writing. I enjoy blogging and even hosted an online radio show for a couple of years but I still wanted more. I am now halfway through writing my very first novel.

The Deep Freeze is a science fiction novel about a boy and an alien who have an inner connection. They encounter one another (by fate or otherwise) under the strangest of circumstances. The boy is forced to stop this alien from the continuing path of destruction and sets out on a quest to see it through.

The book will end up taking me over a year to write and quite possibly another year to edit (unless I can get picked up by a publisher and receive some kind of help). I enjoy writing. It is relaxing and adventurous all at the same time. If my novel makes it big, great, but that is not my ultimate reason for writing. I write because I enjoy it. If others enjoy it, even better.

Have a sci-fi day everyone! TLH

  1. Cliff Burns says:

    Good look with the book–heaven knows, we can always use more literate, thoughtful SF.

    Welcome to WordPress and I hope you find a community of like-minded folk here.

  2. Cliff Burns says:

    Good “look” with the book? Jeez, I should have someone proofread my comments.

    And I’m supposed to be a professional writer?

    Thanks for not mentioning the goof, Tammy. Have a great week…

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